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Millemamme Fascioteca in Frascati (RM)

Are you a new mother and are fascinated by the world of Babywearing but don't know where to start? Do you need to buy or rent a baby carrier? Want to try different baby carriers to see which one is right for you?

Come and talk about it with Nastasia Morin, Babywearing Consultant at the Millemamme Fascioteca in the Frascati area (RM).

The Fascioteca, a free sharing space, is open two hours a week usually on Thursday mornings from 10 to 12. Being an unstructured space, you can also arrive very late, the important thing is to arrive at least an hour first to have enough time to do everything! Mums, dads, little brothers and sisters, uncles and grandparents are welcome.

During the meetings you will be able to:
✅ Have a smattering of the main baby carrier supports.
✅ Rent a support.
✅ Try different baby carriers or slings to understand which one is right for you.
✅ Purchase a product from our or collect products already purchased.
✅ Dispel all your doubts with the babywearing consultant.
✅ Simply have a coffee and have a chat with other mums!

⚠️ Booking is mandatory⚠️
If you wish to register for this meeting or organize a meeting in your area, write to us at or via whatsapp on 3318618145.