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Wonderie is a small British company owned by a mum, Vi, dedicated to creating eco-conscious products for her and your children.

"Wonderie came to life because I couldn't find a vegan gaming silk".

  • Unlimited ways to play

From playing small world to building a lair, from dressing up to wrapping presents!

  • Designed with children in mind

Each design is lovingly hand painted from scratch, with each image carefully crafted to contain just the right blend of scenery and detail to stimulate a child's imagination, leaving plenty of room to add figures, toys and play items.

All cloths include practical sewn-in hooks for hanging them.

Clothes are always:

  • 100% Organic, certified by Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS), made with safe and toxin-free dyes, dyed with non-toxic colours.
  • Plastic free, each cloth comes in a recycled cardboard bag, in a biodegradable corn starch protective bag.
  • Produced ethically, with fair pay and ethical labor practices throughout the supply chain. Wonderies are proudly made by a manufacturing partner who specializes in eco-fabrics, 100% organic, and plastic- and toxin-free dyes.
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