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Babywearing consultancy

A Babywearing consultation can represent added value in the process because it communicates the basics of wearing while respecting ergonomics, according to the basic safety parameters and can also recommend the perfect support for the mother. Unfortunately, we often find non-ergonomic supports marketed, i.e. that do not respect the physiological posture of the newborn.

The consultant can also be a valid ally especially if the binding just doesn't come, if the child shows dissent, where there are difficulties. Many mothers give up because babywearing is a social/learned behavior and having a reference network can make all the difference!

The consultation lasts approximately 2 hours. In that context, we evaluate with the mother which tying could be suitable based on the needs and age of the child and we teach her and her variations. This is followed by constant support through photos and videos in the following weeks and until the mother feels perfectly safe.

It can be done at home, in Rome and its province, in the Fascioteca or online. Obviously it has different costs based on this parameter.

Our consultancy also includes 1 week of free baby carrier loan and/or a 10% discount on the baby carrier purchased through 😊

Carrying your puppy in a sling is a wonderful experience that all mums and dads should experience! If you need advice on the next step to take, write to or call us on 331861845. We will be happy to help you!