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light panel

What is the Panel Light and why every child should have one

What is the Panel Light and why every child should have one


The light panel, also known as light panel, light box, light plane or light tablet, is nothing more than a backlit tablet with LEDs on which the children can carry out various activities by interacting with objects. It is a relatively little-known tool in Italy, and this is paradoxical because it is instead central to the Reggio Approach, the excellent pedagogical approach of Loris Malaguzzi, born in Reggio Emilia but considered still today one of the most valid worldwide.


THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES OF OPEN GAME The light panel is an interdisciplinary educational resource that leaves ample room for open ended play, it has no “right” way of being explored and this allows the child to freely express his creativity and imagination. This makes it extremely versatile throughout the growth process.

THE LIGHT PANEL: INSURMABLE TOOL/TOY. Have you ever thought about the fact that most of the toys found on the market have very specific functions? The toy has 3 keys of three different shapes and colors that make three different sounds. This type of toy is extremely limited: the child will discover the few functions and will soon get tired and abandon the toy. Instead, when we give children the opportunity to interact with a light panel, the magic happens: the child becomes an active part of the learning process and finds within themselves the resources to ask questions and find solutions. The result is a "toy" that never sets!

THE IMPORTANCE OF LIGHT The illuminated, clean and luminous background of the panel is ideal for the study of light, color and shape and adds interest to any environment, creating the conditions for a careful observation and exploration of light, shadow, patterns, shapes, colors, opacity and color mixing.

 THE SENSORY PANEL is a perfect tool for:  

  • Improve sensory exploration;
  • Facilitate the development of motor skills;
  • Encourage the understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts;
  • Aiding social and emotional development;
  • Perfect your language and literary skills.


As you may have guessed by now the possibilities are endless! From paint to sand, from translucent objects to objects of nature, from tracing to the exploration of liquids, there is no end to the different uses that the light panel allows. Let's see some of them together!

  • Light and color using different translucent colored tools the child can identify the different colors and then superimpose them to create new colours. The colored organza fabrics are perfect for this purpose! Later he can do the same experiment with paints using the The Cover/Tray for A3 Size LED Light Panel Tickit 
  • Looking Closely A variety of natural and reclaimed materials can be used to encourage children to look closely using the light panel. Try featuring seeds and flowers, ferns and feathers, paper doilies or lace – all interesting things to investigate.
  • Numbers and mathematical operations Try using a variety of buttons on the light panel. Choose them in different sizes, shapes, colors and with a variable number of holes. The child can count the buttons themselves or the number of holes. You can also use translucent pebblesi or sensory blocks.
  • Black and white Photocopy of the black and white diagrams on transparent acetate sheets. A perfect game for the little ones who will go crazy observing the contrasts.
  • Exploring nature The child will be able to use natural materials including stones, shells, leaves and twigs to explore on a light panel and, for example, categorize the various materials as translucent, transparent or opaque.
  • Recycled Materials Provide your child with a range of recycled materials to explore 2D and 3D shapes using the light panel. Some examples of materials: lids, bottle caps, reels, bottles filled by children with different materials or colored liquids, pieces of discarded watches.

Those who know a little English will find 150 interesting ideas here https://static. quickonline. com/pdf/563456_v1. pdf


Being an instrument open to any type of exploration, it is literally good from a few months of life up to adulthood and beyond!


There are many different versions of the light panel, different sizes, color changing LEDs, boxes of different shapes. The panel also comes associated with specific sensory blocks and pebbles and light cubes, sensory trays and a range of tools and accessories.

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