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But Cabane à Rêves

In 2018, Amandine Allard founded Ma Cabane à Rêves, a universe designed for the imagination and creativity of the little ones thanks to stackable magnets. With their beautiful cut, their flexibility and their colors full of softness and poetry, the magnets of Ma Cabane à Rêves have more than one story to tell.

Thanks to their thickness and flexibility, the magnets overlap, insert each other and thus allow the child to explore the game freely and autonomously, which will multiply experiences, ideas, stories on his own, with only limit of imagination. The Ma Cabane à Rêves products promote simple, serene and authentic moments of play, which can be done independently or accompanied by a parent for a real moment of exchange and sharing. With their clean cut, graphics and colors full of softness and poetry, the Ma Cabane à Rêves magnets create a perfect balance between an educational, playful and beautiful game! The magnetic shapes can move freely on all magnetic surfaces in the house. And we love seeing them out!

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