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Rigid Bands

The rigid band is a versatile, customizable and long-lasting baby carrier.

It can be used from the first day of the newborn's life but, unlike the elastic band, it can be used much longer based on some parameters such as weight and composition.

The standard length is number 6 and that is 4.60 meters but we find lengths from 2 meters upwards. The length of a rigid sling is chosen mainly on the basis of the binding to be made, but each person has his own "base" size which varies according to the size.

Its weaving is twill, a diagonal weave that makes the band supportive but also receptive to accepting the weight without forcing it by modeling itself on the shapes of the carried and of the bearer.

Based on its grammage it can be more or less supportive and heavy. Grammage is simply the weight of the fabric expressed in grams per square metre. A medium weight means that the band is lighter but also less supportive. When the weight increases we have a more supportive but also heavier and less manageable support.

Usually it is in 100% cotton but now there are mixed blends containing linen, tencel, wool, silk, bamboo, etc. The composition of the fascia can determine how the fascia behaves in binding and how it feels. Some fibers are more supportive, others more breathable, others even more elastic, etc.

Finally, it is very versatile, allowing you to make different ligatures, not only belly to belly but also on the side and back.

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