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Life cycle of the Formica Safari LTD

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This set includes the small white eggs where the ants begin their adventure. The larvae come later, molting several times before entering a period of rest and growth as pupae. The adult ant that emerges is darker in color, but will not grow larger due to its exoskeleton.

  • Scientific name: Ant
  • Features: Ants live in large colonies led by a queen, whose only job is to lay eggs. Worker ants lift weights, scavenge food, and expand the colony, while drones exist only to mate with the queen.
  • Size and color: The early stages of an ant's life cycle are not very colorful, as most of their energy is devoted to food. But adult ants have distinct coloration depending on the species. This adult ant is about 7.5 cm long.
  • All Safari LTD products are non-toxic and BPA free.


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