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Dedicato alle neo mamme

Dedicated to new mothers

Dedicated to new mothers

Your child is perfectly normal if: 
1 - He wants the breast all the time
2 - He always wants to be held/in a sling
3 - He only sleeps close to you
4 - He wakes up 37 times in one night
5 - He regurgitates like a demon
6 - He poops all the colors of the rainbow
7 - She hiccups
8 - She has colic

You are a perfectly normal mother if:
1 - You are not superstratospherically happy to have a "healthy" baby but instead you worry about how many weeks will pass before you will be able to wash your hair (dirty from regurgitation of course)
2 - You're dead tired, you feel sad, you feel alone...
3 - You feel the need to have a moment just for yourself
4 - You can't take care of your child, a shining house and a full husband, all at the same time
5 - Your potato is no longer what it used to be (don't worry... you'll soon forget about how it was before!)
6 - You would like to gouge out the eyes of any relative who tends a hand to touch the little one
7 - You have an internal clock that tells you to check if your child is breathing every 20 minutes or so

So breathe mum, close your eyes and welcome what comes from outside and inside. Some things will get better, some endless days will eventually pass, some behaviors you will miss over time! But everything is fine...

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