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Fascia Little Frog: L'eccellenza tra le fasce rigide per il tuo Bambino

Little Frog headband: The excellence of rigid headbands for your baby

Little Frog headband: The excellence of rigid headbands for your baby

An important feature of the rigid bandage is that it is an accessory that can be used from the beginning of the baby's birth and, unlike elastic bands, can be used for longer, with a consequent greater longevity, also depending on the weight and the type of binding that can be used. Furthermore also allows bindings on the side and back with respect to the elastic band.


The Little Frog rigid sling is designed to be used in any eventuality, and by every parent, both by expert mothers, who have already used the sling, but also by those who are beginners. Thanks to the various weights available, they allow a very wide versatility, describing the ability of the fabric to support the weight of the little one.

 The Little Frog company produces in Poland, a country like Italy that is very renowned for its experience in quality textile production. To make the rigid bands Little frog uses different types of fabrics such as Linen, Cotton, Wool and Bamboo.

 The Little Frog models use different names to describe the products, depending on the textures, the materials used and the patterns proposed. In this sense we have Aurora Cube, Tourmaline, Linen Cube, Bamboo Lazurite, Black Cube, Flowrora, Bamboo Amethyst, Lovely Linen Rainbow, etc. The names of the models, in addition to describing the patterns and colors, bear in the name the main material of which they are made: Linen for the use of the linen blend, Bamboo for the central use of the Bamboo fiber and so on.

 The Little Frog Rigid Sling follows a production process in line with EU EN 13209-2:2015 certification standards, in Laboratories in accordance with PN-EN ISO 13934 and uses top quality materials and finishes.

 What does the weight of the rigid band indicate?

 Grammatura indicates the thickness, weight and supportive structure of the band. The higher it is, the thicker and heavier it will be, but also the more resistant and supportive.

 The fabric of the Little Frog Headbands has a Diagonal Weave, a feature of resistance, but also welcoming of the baby, because it provides diagonal elasticity with respect to the shape of the accessory.

 The low weight indicates a very light band, not very supportive but very easy to handle and soft.

 A heavier weight will provide more support, but will be heavier and bulkier, and slightly more difficult to "tame".


Little Frog rigid bandage, as indicated, uses different natural materials and depending on the greater amount of fiber of one type or another in the mix, the bandage will be more or less light, more or less resistant, more or less supportive.

 The Little Frog rigid swaddle use fabrics made in Broken Twill, or in a precious Jacquard weave.

 Characteristics of the Broken Twill fabric

 It is a soft and resistant fabric, at the base of the manufacture of workwear. The inverted twill weave builds a zigzag pattern, and makes broken twill a widely used process in making jeans and denim fabrics.


Choice and Position

The Little Frog rigid slings lend themselves enormously to carrying the baby in the M position, the physiologically correct and perfectly ergonomic posture, which allows the baby's back, neck and head to always be supported, accompanying the natural growth of the spine.

 Generally, the length of the rigid sling is chosen on the basis of the build of the person carrying the child, and the type of fastenings that will be preferred when carrying the child.

 Little Frog's "Oeko-tex® standard 100" Class 1 Certification defines the standards of yarns treated without the use of harmful chemicals, such as heavy metals, allergenics and toxic dyes.

 La Little Frog To complete the use of the rigid band, it also produces very resistant and protective covers, which allow the band to be used even in adverse climatic situations, such as in winter and in the event of rain.

 The Polish company also produces waist bags, rigorously ergonomic certified.

And have you already chosen your rigid sling? Have you ever tried Little Frog?

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