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Marsupio Ergonomico…ma lo è davvero?

Ergonomic Baby Carrier…but is it really?

Ergonomic Baby Carrier…but is it really?

In another article we have seen the main features of the ergonomic baby carrier. There is truly everything on the market and the wording "ergonomic pouch " is now the order of the day. Well, to be not only considered ergonomic but also to be used in an ergonomic way, the fanny pack should respect some essential parameters:

  • It should have a seat wide enough to go from crook to crook of the knees of the patient, thus unloading the weight on the greatest possible surface. A seat that is too narrow will unload the weight on the genitals and move the center of gravity of the bearer forward. The panel should not go beyond the recesses, forcing the legs open. This is where the adjustable baby carriers come into play, such as the Isara or the Buzzidil ​​, which are preferable since they can adjust to the height of the child at any given moment, as we know, in early childhood it changes all the time! The perfect seat is the one that allows the child to maintain the his physiological "M" position, i.e. the child is seated with the knees higher than the bottom of the bottom, like a "frog".
    • A soft panel will be a panel that respects the natural kyphosis of the baby, the “C” back characteristic of newborns. Rigid, padded and straight panels are not the best! Today the top-of-the-range bum bags use the diagonal weave for the panels, a type of weaving that gives the fabric the characteristic of being highly supportive without however responding to weight with rigidity.
    • The child should only be carried tummy to tummy or on the back. Some fanny packs allow you to carry on the hip, even if, by unloading all the weight asymmetrically, they can be uncomfortable after a few minutes. Why not face the world? In summary, the position is not recommended for various reasons: it is not a physiological position for the hips, posture and neck; it affects thermoregulation, communication between the wearer and the patient and postural stability by moving the center of gravity of the wearer.

    Nastasia Morin

    Babywearing School consultant

    I hope my article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, doubts or would like to offer feedback, if you want advice on which purchase may be the most suitable for you, you can write to us below or view the supports we sell!

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