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Quattro marsupi a confronto: Isara The One, Be Lenka 4ever, Little Frog, Isara Quick.

Four baby carriers compared: Isara The One, Be Lenka 4ever, Little Frog, Isara Quick.

Four baby carriers compared: Isara The One, Be Lenka 4ever, Little Frog, Isara Quick.

How to choose the baby carrier? Better try it!

Although a ergonomic baby carrier is usually very easy to wear, choosing the one that may be the most suitable model puts mothers in crisis. Well yes, because unlike less structured supports, the pouch has one more quality: the wearability. Just like a pair of shoes, what's comfortable for me may not be comfortable for you even if we're the same size! My advice is to try various carriers before buying. Trying, and maybe even renting, certainly gives you some ideas on which baby carrier is most comfortable for you.

Alas, it is not always possible to try before you buy. The good news, however, is that when you buy online you are protected by the right of withdrawal (or "rethinking") of Legislative Decree n. 21/2014. Therefore, if the model isn't right for you, just don't damage it or dirty the product and return it within 14 days of receiving it.

A tip is to get advice from the shop owner anyway. Often, as in our case, they are managed by babywearing consultants, prepared and available to offer you personalized advice on which model of baby carrier should you buy.

In any case, to help you, we offer some reflections on the 4 baby carriers that we sell in our shop. So let's see to the point and list the main characteristics and differences between these 4 pouches: Isara The One, Be Lenka 4ever, Little Frog, Isara Quick.

From left to right: Isara The One, Be Lenka 4ever, Little Frog, Isara Quick

Models of baby carriers to buy - What similarities?

Let's start by saying that all these pouches have the same structure: a belly band, a panel and two shoulder straps. They are all adjustable baby carriers, made with a woven band (although some have a canvas model) according to the highest ergonomic standards, i.e. designed to respect the physiology of the newborn/child's posture. This is not the place to talk about what makes a fanny pack ergonomic or not, but you can learn more about when a fanny pack is really ergonomic.
If you start from the base instead discover the characteristics of the ergonomic baby carrier.

Half Buckle or Full Buckle?

You don't understand, right?
The ultimate pouch that comes to mind is undoubtedly the Full Buckle.  This has two buckles: one at the waist and another behind the back at shoulder blade height. The shoulder straps are connected to the panel or cummerbund and are padded. On the contrary, the Half Buckle pouch has only one buckle, at the level of the ventral band and the typical mei tai shoulder straps, wide and unpadded. This gives it the innovative feature of unloading the weight on the lumbar area and hips of the wearer in an optimal way. It also allows personalized and homogeneously distributed discharge through wide and enveloping shoulder straps.

  • Isara The One - Full Buckle. See how the Diamonda Black is made
  • Be Lenka 4ever - Full Buckle. See how Mandala Day looks like
  • Little Frog - Full Buckle. See how the Tulip Fields  is made
  • Isara Quick - Half Buckle. See what Ruby Code looks like

The size of the pouch

How long do we want to be able to use a fanny pack? It's probably the first question you ask yourself when you're about to buy a fanny pack. On many baby carriers we will find the maximum weight limit written. This can vary from 20 to 26 kg but don't let this feature guide you! The weight simply gives us information on the approval of the baby carrier, but a baby carrier is comfortable and suitable above all as long as the panel is able to accommodate the child from the crook and crook of the knees. This means that if a baby carrier has a panel that expands up to 35 cm, even if approved up to 20 kg, you will hardly be able to use it for a 20 kg baby!

  • Isara The One – It can be defined as a one-size-fits-all baby carrier, in fact it is recommended from birth (however I tend to recommend the baby carrier in general after 6 kg and 62 cm) and up to around 115 cm (height that children can reach 3 to 5 years old).
  • Be Lenka 4ever – Suitable from 62-65 cm of the baby up to 100-105 cm (about 3 years).
  • Little Frog - The Little frog is a multi-size baby carrier: the Standard size covers a height from 62 cm to 80 cm, the Toddler size up to 95 cm, the Toddler XL size (known as preschooler in Italy) is suitable after the year and for children up to 4 years (115 cm).
  • Isara Quick – The Isara quick is always recommended from birth up to 98 cm (about 2-5 years).
An evolutionary baby carrier like the Isara The One Northern Lights can accommodate very small but also very large children!


  • Isara The One - "Fluid" adjustment on the fascia using a Velcro track and, after 80 cm, by adding seat extenders. Panel height adjustment via straps.
  • Be Lenka 4ever – Adjustment via drawstring on the panel.
  • Little Frog - "Fluid" adjustment on the Band with Velcro track.
  • Isara Quick – Unique adjustment of its kind that allows the panel to be widened and raised with a single step, again via Velcro but not on a rail.
From left to right:  Isara The One, Be Lenka 4ever, Little Frog, Isara Quick

The sbullet of the pouch

The shoulder straps of the various baby carriers can vary greatly from one another.

  • Isara The One – Has a narrow and not too padded shoulder strap (especially suitable for slim builds with narrow shoulders). The shoulder strap is also extendable and crossable. It can be adjusted in both directions depending on whether you are going backwards or forwards.
  • Be Lenka 4ever – Has a wide, well-padded shoulder strap. The pouch can be purchased in the Standard version, with the shoulder strap sewn to the panel and therefore not crossable, and in the Wide version, where the shoulder straps can be disconnected and therefore crossed. Both types have the shoulder pad supplied.
  • Little Frog – Has a wide, well-padded shoulder strap that can be adjusted in both directions depending on whether you carry it backwards or forwards.
  • Isara Quick – Being a Half Buckle, her shoulder straps are bands long () m and wide () m. This type of shoulder strap allows you to create tension on the child's back in a more homogeneous way and therefore it may be advisable to opt for a Half Buckle if you want to anticipate the use of a more structured support a little.
From left to right:  Isara The One, Be Lenka 4ever, Little Frog, Isara Quick

The type of fabric of the pouch

Today we tend to find fanny packs that are more and more similar in structure and composition to the rigid band. These four pouches use the diagonal weave woven band as the fabric. It is a supportive fabric but which has great diagonal elasticity and therefore welcomes the weight of the person being carried without responding with rigidity. Isara The One and Little Frog came out with a canvas fabric model, a stiffer and less elastic fabric, certainly suitable for older children, but also at a more affordable price.

Can you see the difference between this Be Lenka 4ever Mandala Blue and this Little Frog Standard Basic Slate?

Other features of the baby carriers

  • Isara The One – Removable head cover
  • Be Lenka 4ever – Key pocket on the cummerbund, stitched headcover, shoulder pad supplied.
  • Little Frog - Sewn head cover in the standard version and removable in the Toddler XL version.
  • Isara Quick – Removable head cover.

I sincerely hope I have clarified your ideas about these four wonderful supports. If you still have doubts or if you have any questions, if you would like personal advice on purchasing or if you would like to visit me in the Fascioteca you can write to me on this form. Hello!

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