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Babywearing comes from English and literally means wearing your baby”. It is of  a mothering practice that consists of carrying your baby "on your body" with the help of supports such as baby wraps and pouches and so the baby always stays close to the mother but she can have their hands free to do other things, the weight is discharged symmetrically and therefore the impact is perceived as minor and the bearer has the freedom to go out without having to load bulky transport devices.

It is thought that newborns are "made" to be carried by their mothers thanks to the analysis of some typical characteristics of our species such as the classic spread-sitting position or the grasping reflex. The mothers would act as a nest for their young at least for the 9 months following the birth (period of exogestation ). Closeness with the mother is extremely important for the child's psycho-emotional development. You can learn more about these concepts in this article.

The benefits of babywearing are countless. Among the most perceived we have above all the fulfilment of the primary needs of the newborn contact and containment. Babywearing encourages relationship (bonding) in the dyad and given that babies tend to cry less, sleep more and breastfeed better.

There are various types of baby carriers and each of them is more or less suitable for use in comfort and safety depending on age, weight, characteristics of the child and whoever carries it. In this collection you will find elastic bands, rigid bands, baby carriers and ring slings. If you need free advice on purchasing, write to us at 

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